Row of Cigars

The Secret Cigar Box

Our Secret Cigar box offers a luxury New-World cigar each and every month. You'll also be given access to our members only email list where you'll find our bespoke tasting notes, invites to our monthly meetings and member-exclusive discounts.

No recurring payments. No unpleasant surprises.

Luxury New-World Cigar

Your secret cigar box will contain a luxury, hand-rolled New-World cigar picked from our humidor and packaged carefully with a humidifying pouch.

Secret Cigar Social

Join us for the last Sunday of every month to chat with like-minded cigar enthusiasts.

A fine opportunity to discuss and smoke your secret cigar from the comfort of your own home.

No unpleasant surprises

We do not accept recurring payments for our secret cigar box.


We'll send members an email to remind you about the next month but we respect our customers right to choose to stay or go when you please.

Cigar Accessories

You will also receive additional accessories such as lighters, cutters or cigar stands. These will not contribute to the value of your box - they are just a thank you for your custom.


Your cigar will always have a UK RRP of more than the secret box cost.

We find the cigar stockist deals for outstanding New-World cigars.

When we get a good deal, we're simply passing on our savings to you.

Row of Cigars