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Cigar Review - Undercrown Maduro Robusto

It's strange that I'm back with yet another bold, dark cigar but I blame the colder nights drawing in and my appetite for the rich flavours of Christmas returning. The Undercrown Maduro Robusto is a perfect balance of not only great flavours but of great value.

First third - A delicious, earthy note with hints of coffee. The pepper is there but well balanced. Spices are beginning to make their presence known also. Medium body. Not quite as full as I'd expect.

Second third - The roasted coffee notes are transitioning to a very subtle chocolate, more like a mocha. It's definitely heavier on the coffee than the chocolate notes. Very subtle but noticeably sweeter from the beginning of this third, building in intensity.

Final third - While still retaining the earthy flavours throughout, the coffee is pushed aside and the sweeter, chocolate notes noticed prior are more prominent. A bit of spice and almost salty flavour towards the end was a pleasant surprise.

Final thoughts - Not quite the strength I was expecting from a maduro wrapper but the rich, festive flavours still satisfied my winter cravings. I'd highly recommend this cigar for someone wanting to branch out from their usual natural wrapper cigars looking for some new flavour combinations.

Link - Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro Robusto

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