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Cigar Review - Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Introduction - The Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour Robusto simply oozes class, quality and craftmanship. The build quality is second to none, impeccably rolled and just looks magnificent. The dark wrapper smells incredibly rich and something I’m not actually used to when we consider Davidoff’s milder, lighter wrappers. I expect it’ll pack a punch when we light it up.

Review -

First third – Simple, medium body with subtle notes of leather. Typical Davidoff creaminess. Peppery to begin. Not quite as I expected when considering the dark, intense colour.

Second third – Increasing intensity, heavier notes of leather. Earth notes also building, pepper on the way out.

Final third – Earthy, almost peaty tastes are in full swing now. The leather is still there, but perfectly balanced with the peat. Pepper lingers for a small kick but does not overpower.

Final thoughts - What a journey. I was blown away by how the cigar developed over time, starting from the mild leather notes right the way into the barrel aged, peaty taste blockbuster, all while perfectly ‘seasoning’ the cigar with that subtle pepper throughout.This cigar is the definitive luxury cigar from Davidoff, in my humble opinion. Certainly not your breakfast cigar but I can see this going well after dinner with a glass of red. While the draw is immaculate, I also don’t believe Davidoff’s enjoyment time of 45 minutes – this took me over 60 minutes. Quite literally a late hour of extended pleasure. Marvellous.

Link - Drawing Room Cigars - The Late Hour Robusto

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