Row of Cigars

Our Story

Welcome to the Drawing Room.

I started Drawing Room Cigars to bring a luxury smoking experience to anyone and everyone.

My cigar journey began when my best man purchased two Charatan Churchills for the weekend before my wedding. We were dressed in shirt and tie and sat in a traditional pub courtyard with our cigars, talking for hours surrounded by family and friends. 

Ever since that night, I have enjoyed many a cigar with equally fine company and tried to sample as many cigar flavours as possible. I found a calling to not only try as many of these New-World cigars as possible, but also share my experiences too.

At Drawing Room Cigars, I offer only cigars, spirits and accessories I have personally sampled myself. I offer honest reviews, opinions and taste profiles, although of course your palate may differ. In fact, I hope it differs - that's the wonder of a good cigar.

I wanted to provide a service that not only offers great value, but also a chance for cigar smokers to sample the same cigar, wherever they are, and openly discuss our individual experiences. Please feel free to join us for virtual and in-person tasting events - see our social media pages for the latest dates and information.


Lastly, I wanted to provide a selection of gifts that would allow even a cigar novice the selection to buy for their friends and family. 

If you have any questions, please see the FAQ section or use the chat feature at the bottom. I'd be happy to help.

Please enjoy your time at The Drawing Room.